Open Studio and Magic Pony!

The second visit to Open Studio fine art printmaking facilities was a big success!  Students worked on etching, screen printing and typesetting.  Although students reported some results were more favourable than others, it was a good start to these mediums.

After lunch, we headed west along Queen Street to Magic Pony and Narwhal Art Projects.  Steven Cober, co-owner, broke from his busy day and spoke to us about his unique business models of the commercial space of Magic Pony and the exhibition space Narwhal Art Projects.  As quoted recently in the Grid TO, “There’s one way of thinking about art in which [the artists are] academic and show at institutions,” says Cober. “And there’s another world where artists are doing commercial work, making products and finding multidisciplinary ways to be part of popular culture.”  The current group exhibition included Team Macho whose work is both entertaining and clever!  In the shop, a number of students found toys and posters by their favourite illustrator, or like myself, discovered someone new!  I couldn’t leave without purchasing Junzo Terada’s A-Z flashcard series for my daughter’s 6th birthday!