Ontario Library Association winner! (again!)

Professor Barney Wornoff’s digital design class wins the Ontario Library Association Contest again this year. It’s the 3rd year in a row that the Independent Illustration Program has won!!

Carla from the association has provided the following blurb about the 2nd year student Jane Chon who was the winner. Jane not only get’s her image on the cover for the conference, but she also gets $1500! Go Seneca!

As promised, here are a few words about why we chose Jane Chon as the winning entry in our design competition:

The Ontario Library Association selected Jane Chon as the winner of our 2014 Super Conference Design Competition because we were impressed with both her creativity and interpretation of the theme. Jane’s vision for “A Universe of Possibilities” invoked a design that was ripe with possibilities. We liked that her elements reflected both clusters of stars and DNA elements, the building blocks for our world and beyond. The design speaks of potential, one that we see reflected in the future of libraries.