Application Process


– Visit this link: and setup your Slide Room online application. – Answer all the questions in the SlideRoom forms Section.
– Upload your portfolio in PDF format to the SlideRoom portfolio section.
– When you’re ready, SUBMIT your completed application.



Find your submission deadline in our email with the subject “Important Next Steps for Admission to Seneca College” or “Important information about your Seneca application”.




Your portfolio should include a total of ten pieces with the perspective and object drawings done in pencil or ink, and figure drawings usually done in conté, pastel or charcoal.

  • Two life drawings: show entire body including head, hands and feet of subject in different poses.
  • Two drawings of your own non-drawing hand from observation.
  • Two object drawings: solid everyday items from around your house such as a kitchen appliance, coffee maker, can opener, TV remote, stapler, etc.
  • Two environment drawings: a two-point perspective view of a room in your home from opposite corners. The horizon line should be drawn approximately at a standing eye level.
  • Two drawings or other art of your choice: sketches, photos of sculptures, digital or traditional paintings, or any other kind of art or animation. Choose work that shows us your interests and other skills.
  • You will also need to upload your resumé with a focus on your education and any professional or volunteer positions that demonstrate your creative or artistic interests. There is a separate resumé upload section for this on SlideRoom. Do not upload the resumé as part of the portfolio files.


How to reach us:

For questions about the status of your application Contact:


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