Application Process

The two-step process is as follows:

Step 1. Apply on the Ontario College Application Service

Step 2. Assemble your portfolio and resume

PORTFOLIO – A total of 8 traditional drawings (no digital please) plus 2 works of your choice (these may include digital work). Perspective and object drawings can be done in pencil or ink, and figure drawings are usually done in conté, pastel or charcoal.

Three, Life drawings. Show the entire body including head, hands and feet of the subject.

Two, Drawings of your own non-drawing hand from observation.

Two, Object drawings. Draw solid everyday items from around your house such as a kitchen appliance, can opener, TV remote, stapler, etc.

Two, Environment drawings. Draw a two-point perspective view of a room in your house from opposite corners. The horizon line should be drawn at approximately a standing eye level.

Two artworks of your choice. These can be sketches, photos of sculptures, digital or traditional paintings, or any other kind of art or animation. Choose work that show us your interests and other skills.

RESUMĒ – This needs to be a full resume which includes school, employment and any volunteer work. Also, include any activities that are arts related.

Step 3. Once you’ve applied you will be sent a link to an online portfolio review site called Slideroom. Please upload your portfolio and resumé after reading the instructions on Slideroom. Ensure your scans or digital photographs are good representations of your work, ie. Clear with good contrast, crop to include art only.

Step 4. Portfolio Deadline and Orientation Session

Your portfolio is due around the same time as the on campus orientation sessions, which you will be invited to after applying.

September intake (25 students)– February 1 st is the deadline for equal consideration. You will be invited to submit your portfolio and onsite drawing test at a session anytime between January to March. If you applied before the deadline your application will be considered before anyone who applies after the deadline.

January intake (25 students) There is no deadline for this intake. We hold testing sessions from September through to November until the program is full. Your portfolio and resume are due around the same time as your test session.


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