Seneca National School sponsor of Canzine!

This weekend Seneca is the National School Sponsor of Canzine, a “Festival of Zine culture and Independent Arts” (see promotional poster and links below).  We will have a presence at the festival in the form of a promotional table and a table where we will be showcasing student and faculty created Zines.  Among many exciting events and things to see and do – Martha Newbigging, faculty in Illustration, will be running her Mixed Media Zine workshop. 

The Festival is at the Art Gallery of Ontario from 1-7pm this Saturday October 17, 2015. 


What are Zines?

Definitions of the word “zine” vary tremendously, but they do tend to have these common characteristics:

  1. Self-published and the publisher doesn’t answer to anyone
  2. Small, self-distributed print run
  3. Motivated by desire to express oneself rather than to make money
  4. Outside the mainstream
  5. Low budget